10er CD Box Country & Western Vol. 2

10er CD Box Country & Western Vol. 2


Gene Autry . Ernest Phipps . Hank Williams . Jimmy Rodgers

Hank Penny . W.M. Stepp . Lefty Frizzell .

The Delmore Brothers Tennessee Ernie Ford . and more

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Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager

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CD 1

Ain't That Skippin' And Flyin' (Allen) THE ALLEN BROTHERS (1927)

Train 45 (Traditional) GRAYSON & WHITTER (1927)

Omie Wise (Traditional) G. B. GRAYSON (1927)

My Name is John Jo Hannah (Harrell) KELLY HARRELL(1927)

Gonna Die With My Hammer(Traditional) WILLIAMSON BROTHERS (1927)

Country Blues (Boggs) DOCKBOGGS (1927)

Ben Dewberry's Final Run (Jenkins) JIMMIE RODGERS (1927)

Called To The Foreign Field (Kames) ALFRED KARNES (1927)

Pretty Polly (Shelton) B.F.SHELTON (1927)

How Many Biscuits Can You Eat (Bate) DR. HUMPHREY BATE (1928)

Bonaparte's Retreat (Stepp) W.M.STEPP (1929)

John Henry (Traditional) DEFORD BAILEY (1928)

My Wife Died Friday Night (Crook) THE CROOK BROTHERS (1928)

Ham Beats All Meat (Bate) DR.HUMPHREY BATE (1928)

The Unfortunate Breakman (Traditional) KENTUCKY RAMBLERS (1928)

I Want To Go (Traditional) ERNEST PHIPPS (1928)

Any Old Time (Rodgers) JIMMIE RODGERS (1929)

L And N Rag (Hood) ALEX HOOD (1929)

I Am Bound For The Promised Land (Traditional) ALFRED KARNES (1929)

Aunt Dinah's Quitting Party (Traditional) FLOYD COUNTY RAMBLERS (1930)

CD 2

Huskin' Bee (Unknown) YELLOW JACKETS (1930)

With My Mother (Traditional) KENTUCKY RAMBLERS (1930)

A Little Talk With Jesus (Phipps) ERNEST PHIPPS (1930)

Ned Went‑A‑Fishin' (Walker) WALKER'S CORBIN RAMBLERS (1930)

Let's Go To Town (McCoy) JOE MCCOY & MEMPHIS MINNIE (1931)

My Good Gal's Gone (Rodgers) JIMMIE RODGERS (1931)

Chased Old Satan (Woodie) WOODIE BROTHERS (1931)

Let Me Be Your Slide Track (Rodgers) JIMMIE RODGERS (1931)

My Bones Gonna Rise Again (Traditional) DAVE & HOWARD (1931)

Like Likker Better Than Me (Woodie) WOODIE BROTHERS (1931)

Down On The Old Road To Home(Rodgers/Harvey) JIMMIE RODGERS (1932)

We Shall Be Reunited (Karnes) ALFRED KARNES (1933)

The Old Hen (Stepp) W.M.STEPP & MAE PUCKETT (1933)

Mississippi Delta Blues (Neville/Rodgers) JIMMIE RODGERS (1933)

Do Not Wait ( Traditional) KENTUCKY RAMBLERS (1934)

Darling Cora (Shelton) B.F.SHELTON (1931)

Callahan (Stepp) W. M. Stepp (1931)

Nancy Jane (Brown - Wills) FORT WORTH DOUGH BOYS (1932)

Who‘s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet (Trad.) RENFRO VALLEY BOYS (1932)

Hesitation Blues (Traditional) MILTON BROWN (1936)

CD 3

Lonnie's Fox Chase (Glosson) LONNIE GLOSSON (1936)

Where We'll Never Grow Old (Kames) ALFRED KARNES (1936)

Ruflles And Bustles (Walker) WALKER'S CORBIN RAMBLERS (1936)

Ride Ranger Ride (Spencer) GENE AUTRY (1936)

Rhythm Of The Range (Autry) GENE AUTRY (1937)

Sinner You Better Get Ready (Monroe) THE MONROE BROTHERS (1937)

0h Molly Dear (Shefton) B.F.SHELTON (1935)

Mud Fence (Stepp) W.M.STEPP & W.WILLIAMS (1935)

Honky Tonk Blues (Davis) JIMMIE DAVIS (1936)

Drifting Along (Traditional) RIVERSIDE RAMBLERS (1937)

Silver Strand (Stepp) W.M.STEPP (1937)

Aura Lee (Shekon) THE SHELTON BROTHERS (1938)

Pussy Pussy Pussy (Montgomery) LIGHT CRUST DOUGHBOYS (1938)

Ammend La Nouville A Mamere (Traditional) JOE'S ACADIANS (1938)

Song Of The Bandit (Nolan) SONS OF THE PIONEERS (1937)

When You're Smiling (Fisher/Goodwin/Shay) CLIFF BRUNER (1938)

Women Women Women (Alley) SHELLEY LEE ALLEY (1937)

Fox And Hounds (Revard) JIMMIE REVARD (1937)

The Last Letter (Griffin) REX GRIFFIN (1937)

When Mama Goes Out (Christian) BAR X COWBOYS (1940)

CD 4

Gaucho Serenade (Simon/Redmond/Cavanaugh) GENE AUTRY (1940)

Boogie Woogie Johnson (Tyler) JUBILEERS (1940)

Ride Tenderfoot Ride (Whiting/Mercer) GENE AUTRY (1940)

Until You Went Away (Tillman) NOLAN BUSH (1940)

Melody Ranch (Cherkose/Styne) GENE AUTRY (1940)

Pine State Honky Tonk (Oates) CLAUDE CASEY (1939)

El Rancho Grande (Costello/Ramos) GENE AUTRY (1940)

Mississippi Muddie (Boggs) ‑ RADIO COWBOYS (1939)

Blueberry Hilf (Austin) GENE AUTRY (1940)

Take Me Back To Tulsa (Duncan - Wills) BOB WILLS (1941)

When My Blue Moon (Walker/Sullivan) W.WALKER&G.SULLIVAN (1941)

Kickin‘ It Off (Underwood) BILL MOUNCE (1941)

Jitterbug Jive (Payne/Boyd) BILL BOYD (1941)

Teeny Weeny (Moore/Caruthers) JIMMY HART (1941)

The Big House Blues (Alley) SHELLEY LEE ALLEY (1941)

Mary Jane (Irby) MODERN MOUNTAINEERS (1941)

I Ain't Honky Tonkin' Anymore (Tubb) ERNEST TUBB (1941)

Down Mexico Way (Cherkose/Styne/Meyer) GENE AUTRY (1941)

Tulsa Twist (Ray) DICKIE MC BRIDE (1941)

When You Cry (Penny) HANK PENNY (1944)

CD 5

Texas Blues (Willing/Clark) FOY WILLING (1944)

I'm Singing The Blues (Penny) HANK PENNY (1944)

Rocky Road Blues (Traditional) BILL MONROE (1945)

Southern Belle (Pope) CURLY WILLIAMS (1945)

Squeeze Box Polka (Wellington) LOUISE MASSEY (1942)

Talkin' 'Bout You (Penny) HANK PENNY (1943)

In Old Capistrano (Stryker/Charleston/Esperon) GENE AUTRY (1943)

Born To Lose (Brown) TED DAFFAN (1943)

Tearstains On Your Letter (Penny) HANK PENNY (1943)

Now Ain't You Glad Dear (Penny) HANK PENNY (1945)

Three Way Boogie (Cooley /DePaul - Weis) SPADE COOLEY (1946)

Huntin' Business All The Time (Ray) JIMMY WYBLE (1946)

0.P.A.Blues (Brinkley) OCIE STOCKARD (1946)

Rattlesnakin' Daddy (Carlisle) BOOTS WOODALL (1946)

Nobody Cares (Stockard - York/Fuller) OCIE STOCKARD (1946)

I'm Counting The Days (Penny) HANK PENNY (1945)

Hillbilly Boogie (Delmore) THE DELMORE BROTHERS (1946)

Steel Guitar Stomp (Penny/Boggs/Travis) HANK PENNY (1946)

Boogie Woogie Baby (Delmore) THE DELMORE BROTHERS (1946)

The Ways Of The World (Stepp) W.M.STEPP (1927)

CD 6

Tomorrow Never Comes (Bond) JOHNNY BOND (1946)

The Tramp On The Street (Cole - Cole) MOLLY O'DAY (1946)

Brain Cloudy Blues (Wills/Duncan) BOB WILLS (1946)

Get Yourself A Red Head (Penny) HANK PENNY (1946)

A Rainy Sunday Night (Crowe/Martin/Durham) ELMER CHRISTIAN (1946)

When God Comes (Williams) MOLLY O'DAY (1946)

I'll Be Satisfied (Traditional) JIMMIE WIDENER (1946)

Texas Cowboy Rag (Christian) BEN CHRISTIAN (1946)

Twilight On The Trail (Mitchell - Alter) JOHNNY BOND (1946)

Drivin‘ Nails In My Coffin (Irby) FLOYD TILLMAN (1946)

Barnyard Boogie (Delmore/Delmore) THE DELMORE BROTHERS (1947)

My Bucket's Got A Hole In It (Macon/Tyler) T. TEXAS TYLER (1947)

Oklahoma Blues (Wakely) JIMMY WAKELY (1947)

Shuffletown (Hensley/Travis) JIMMIE WIDENER (1947)

Since You've Been Gone (Stoddard) BOOTS WOODALL (1947)

Rootie Tootie (Rose) PAUL HOWARD (1947)

Twin Guitar Polka (Perkins) OCIE STOCKARD (1947)

Ten Gallon Boogie (King/Stewart) PEE WEE KING (1947)

The Texas Special (Hughes) LUKE WILLS (1947)

Cigareefes, Whusky (Spencer) SONS OF THE PIONEERS (1947)

CD 7

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (Rose) ROY ACUFF (1947)

Silver Stars (Tyler) CLIFFIE STONE (1947)

Banjo Boogie (Incardona) LONE STAR PLAYBOYS (1947)

Better Make Up Your Mind (Hall) SONNY HALL (1947)

XIT Song (Briggs) BILLY BRIGGS (1947)

Operation Blues (Clemons) HOMER CLEMONS (1947)

New Broom Boogie (Dexter - Walker) AL DEXTER (1947)

Cowboy Stomp (Wills) BOB WILLS (1947)

The Race Horse Song (Monroe) BILL MONROE (1947)

I Love You So Much It Hurts (Tillman) FLOYD TILLMAN (1947)

Big Fat Papa (Penny) HANK PENNY (1948)

Georgia Boogie (Williams/Pope) CURLEY WILLIAMS (1948)

Mexicali Rose (Tenney/Stone) JOHNNY BOND (1948)

Ridin‘ Down To Santa Fe (Bond) JOHNNY BOND (1948)

Income Tax (Adams) DUB ADAMS (1948)

Big Beaver (Wills) BUCK ROBERTS (1947)

Cowboy Boogie (Woodward) RED WOODWARD (1947)

Hillbilly Jump (Penny) HANK PENNY (1947)

Louisiana Boogie (Choates) HARRY CHOATES (1948)

Two Can Play Your Game (Irby) JOHNNY TYLER (1948)

CD 8

My Bank Account Is Gone (Ashlock) JESSE ASHLOCK (1948)

Peepin' Through The Keyhole (Tyler) CLIFFIE STONE (1948)

One Has My Name (Dean/Blair/Dean) JIMMY WAKELY (1948)

Dessau Waltz (Heap) JIMMY HEAP (1948)

Humpty Dumpty Heart (Thompson) HANK THOMPSON (1948)

The Blues Come Around (Williams) HANK WILLIAMS (1948)

High Tempered Mama (Buchanan) THE BUCHANAN BROTHERS (1948)

Boogie Woogie Blues (Gunn) ART GUNN (1948)

Cotton Picker’s Special (Garland/Howard) PAUL HOWARD (1948)

Artistry In Western Swing (Kenton) TEX WLLIAMS (1948)

Country Boy Blues (Hughes) PEE WEE HUGHES (1949)

A-Sleeping At The Foot Of The Bed (Wilson) LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS (1949)

Tennessee Border (Work) TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD (1949)

Baby Don't You Want To Go (Sykes/Davis) DAN PICKETT (1949)

Pan American Boogie (Glossom/Raney) WAYNE RANEY (1949)

Behind The Eight Ball (Unknown) BILL HALEY (1949)

Riders In The Sky (Jones) SONS OF THE PIONEERS (1949)

Too Many Women (Irby) JERRY IRBY (1949)

Can't Live Without You (Montgomery/McCord) DON McCORD (1949)

Jug Band Boogie (Innis) LOUIS INNIS (1949)

CD 9

Panhandle Rag (McAuliffe) LEON MC AULIFFE (1949)

Poor Ellen Smith (Davis/Davis) MOLLY O'DAY (1949)

This Cold War With You (Tillman) FLOYD TILLMAN (1949)

Room Full Of Roses (Spencer) GEORGE MORGAN (1949)

Country Boy (Bryant) LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS (1949)

Take An Old Cold ´Tater (Bartlett) LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS (1949)

When The Work's All Done (O'Mailey) JOHNNY BOND (1949)

Heart And Soul (Bond) JOHNNY BOND (1949)

So Long To The Red River Valley (Spencer) JOHNNY BOND (1949)

Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Nolan) JOHNNY BOND (1949)

West Wind (Goodman) SMILEY WHITLEY (1949)

Take It Away Leon (Billington - Washburn/Johnson) LEON MC AULIFFE (1950)

I Love You A Thousand Ways (Frizzell - Beck) LEFTY FRIZZELL (1950)

Why Don't You Love Me(Williams) HANK WILLIAMS (1950)

Beer Bottle Mama (Harp/Zinn) ANDY REYNOLDS (1950)

Give Me A Hundred Reasons (Unknown) ANN JONES (1949)

My Baby’s Just Like Money (Frizzell/Beck) LEFTY FRIZZELL (1950)

You Can't Have Your Cake (Merritt) TEXAS TOP HANDS (1949)

Holdin' The Sack (Revard) JIMMIE REVARD (1949)

You're There (Wills) SHORTY BATES (1949)

CD 10

Black Coffee Blues (Strength) BILL STRENGTH (1950)

Herbie's Steel Guitar Polka (Unknown) BUSTER MARTIN (1950)

Rag Mop (Anderson/Wills) JESSE JAMES (1960)

I Don't Get No Lovin' (McBride/Owens) DICKIE MCBRIDE (1950)

How Long (Jordan) COTTON THOMPSON (1950)

Remember Me (Hamblen) STUART HAMBLEN (1950)

Cold Cold Heart (Williams) HANK WILLIAMS (1951)

If You've Got The Money (Frizzell/Beck) LEFTY FRIZZELL (1950)

My Western Union Baby (Lloyd) KEITH LOYD (1950)

Release Me (Miller) EDDIE MILLER (1950)

The Wild Side Of Life (Carter/Warren) HANK THOMPSON (1951)

Lonesome Whistle (Williams) HANK WILLIAMS (1951)

Blue Guitar Stomp (Smith) LEON McAULIFFE (1951)

Trouble In Mind (Irby) JERRY IRBY (1951)

Rock City Boogie (Allison/Kerr) TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD (1951)

Taylor Made Woman (Bryant/Kemp) TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD (1951)

Let Old Mother Nature (Southerland/Clark) CARL SMITH (1951)

Kissin' Bug Boogie (Roberts/Allen) TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD (1951)

Don't Get Above Your Raisin' (Flatt/Scruggs) L.FLATT&E.SCRUGGS (1951)

Get Your Kicks (Fields/Hanna) JOHNNY HICKS (1951)


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